Goal Setting

Learn about the importance of goals and tips on making SMART goals.

Open Learning

Explore the wonders of the open web! Read all about Open Educational Resources.

Personal Wellbeing

Learn about personal wellbeing and integrating into your daily life!

Growing Grit

Dreams feel beyond reach? We’ll have you shooting for the stars -and reaching them!

Reading Textbooks

Tons of reading to do? We’ll help you get through your reading list efficiently!


Writing block? We’ve partnered with UBC Library to help you write hassle-free

Assignment Calculators

This easy-to-use assignment calculator will help you plan out your attack on that next paper or project.

Board of Thoughts

Share your thoughts and read other students’ perspectives on learning using this online board.

Working in Groups

Group projects can be stressful–and rewarding! Make the most of any project.

Interacting with Profs

Why should you go to office hours? Find answers to that question and more…

Common Knowledge

How do you cite something so basic, that it seems like common sense?

Sleep and Academic Success

Snooze you…don’t lose? Find out how sleep affects your education!

Managing Your Time

Struggling to find study time? Mastering time management is simpler than you think!

Presentation Skills

Presenting can be stressful. With our tips and tricks, learn to present like a pro!

Presentation Design

Learn to design effective academic or professional presentations.


This guide offers helpful advice on building your budget as a student.

Communicating Your Needs

Learn a 3-step approach for navigating difficult conversations and boundaries.

Thinking Critically

Get the most out of your courses by mastering critical thinking. Find out more…