Wellness & Personal Development




Struggling to find study time? Mastering time management is simpler than you think!
Snooze you...don't lose? Find out how sleep affects your education!
Person sitting surrounded by greenery
Learn about personal wellbeing and integrating into your daily life!
Reach your time management goals with these time management tips!
Learn how to find motivation and build discipline.
Learn a 3-step approach for navigating difficult conversations and boundaries.
Find out how your talents apply to the workplace and beyond!
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This guide offers helpful advice on building your budget as a student.
Are you getting ready for an interview but not sure where to start? Look no further!
Student in cap and gown, holding a UBC diploma.
Dreams feel beyond reach? We'll have you shooting for the stars -and reaching them!
Know all of the tips and tricks for securing a housing spot on and off campus!
Learn about the importance of goals and tips on making SMART goals.

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