Sleep and Academic Success



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Toolkit Handouts

Infographic Handout (PDF, CLC)

Check out this visual summary of all the toolkit content!

Sleep and Academic Success: Workshop Handout (PDF, CLC)

This useful document outlines questions to consider when thinking about sleep and how to address the sleep related challenges that students face.

Websites & Books

Sleep for Success – UBC Student Services (Website, UBC)

UBC Student Services provides a thorough overview of the importance of sleep and resources that can help you improve your sleep hygiene.

UBC Wellness Centre (Website, UBC)

Learn how to access the UBC Wellness Centre’s services, events, and programs.

UBC Wellness Centre Online (Canvas Course, UBC)

Enroll in this Canvas course to get access to wellness resources and learn about a wide variety of topics including sleep and mental health.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker (Book, UBC Library)

Explore sleep on a deeper level in this book that answers many important questions about sleep and its importance in our lives.

Sleep Solution by Chris Winter (Book, VPL)

If you’re having sleep difficulties, read this book that outlines why certain sleep disorders occur and how to help solve them.


What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sleep (Youtube, Claudia Aguirre)

Watch this quick video to learn about the effects of sleep deprivation on your brain, body, and cognition.

Why Sleep Matters (Youtube, Harvard Medical School)

This video lecture covers the importance of sleep and how to sleep better and longer.

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Sleep, Exercise and Balance: Part 1Part 2Part 3 (Blog Posts, CLC)

This three-part blog series describes how to achieve harmony between your school life, mental health and physical wellbeing.

Sleep, Eat, and Exercise: Simple 10-Minute Ways to Feel Better Now (Blog Post, UBC)

Read this blog post for quick tips on improving your sleep, food, and exercise habits even during the busy exam season.

Your Turn

Choose a time to go to sleep and to wake up every day, and be consistent with this schedule. See if you notice any positive or negative changes in your well-being and academic performance overall. Let us know your results in the comments!

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