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Weekly Planning Worksheet (Word Document, UBC)

Use this UBC-created downloadable template to plan out your time during the week and create a schedule that fits your needs.

13 Powerful Ways To Visualize Your Data (Blog Post, Sisense Team)

If you’re making your presentation and you’re trying to figure out the best way to visualize your data, check out this article about the different resources you could use to present different types of data.

UBC Assignment Calculators (Website, UBC Library)

UBC’s assignment calculator helps you to break down your assignment into manageable steps with deadlines and provides resources for each step to help you along the way.

Your Energy Cycle (Word Document, UBC)

Use this downloadable document by UBC to track your energy levels throughout the day in order to visualize when you are most active and create a schedule that fits around your energy levels.


Time Management (YouTube, UBC Leap)

UBC Leap’s Time Management video focuses on creating a work and life balance and how you can create free time for yourself while also managing your class schedule and school work.

Study Exam Skills (YouTube, UBC Leap)

UBC Leap’s Study Exam Skills video focuses on different elements that you should keep in mind during the exam season, such as how to create a study schedule that best fits your workload.

Three Design Hacks for Better Visual Presentations (YouTube, BrightCarbon)

Check out this video by BrightCarbon for three easy design hacks on how to make your presentations the best that they could be.

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator (TedTalk, Tim Urban)

In Tim Urban’s TedTalk, he encourages viewers to explore the reasons why they might be procrastinating in the first place in order to uncover what they are really trying to avoid and face the problem head-on.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

Related Toolkits

Preparing for Exams

Learn key presentation skills and advice on how to put your best foot forward when presenting with our Presentation Skills toolkit.

Related Tools

Personal Time Survey (Word Document, CLC)

Use this downloadable word document in order to properly visualize what you are spending your time on during the week and assess where you might need to shift your schedule.

The Eisenhower Matrix (Word Document, CLC)

Use this downloadable word document to organize your tasks based on priority levels.

SMART Goals Worksheet (Word Document, CLC)

Use this worksheet to create a framework that allows you to set detailed goals with a clearer picture of how to achieve them.

Chapman Learning Commons: Time Management Tools (Website, CLC)

Learn more about different time management tools and their different features to discover which scheduling program works best for you.

Learning Skills Workshop on Time Management when Learning Online: Key Advice & Resources Handout (PDF, CLC)

A summary of key takeaways and advice from CLC’s Time Management when Learning Online workshop.

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