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Building a Budget

My Journey to Getting Better With Money by Keli

Learn some tips from one of our student staff on how to establish a spending baseline and build your budget.

Getting Better With Money: Methods and Techniques by Keli

Keli reflects on her own experience budgeting and describes what steps you should take to choose the right budgeting technique for you.

Money Sen$e: Managing Money Anxiety in University by Sara (Student Services)

A useful guide on how to build a healthy relationship with money and combat financial anxiety.

Living on a Budget

Living on a Student Budget by Tristan

Tristan shares how to prepare yourself to live on a budget during a new school term and some money-making strategies for students.

Let’s Talk Personal Finance by Maitreyi

A thorough list of all the aspects of personal finance that you should think about as a university student.

How to Adult: Money Basics by Jordan (Student Services)

This blog post goes through some helpful dos and don’ts of money management and banking.

Eating on a Budget

Eating Cheap by Kayla

A list of some cheap, budget friendly places to buy food when you are hungry on UBC campus.

3 Tips for Eating Cheaper without Cooking Every Meal by Minori

If you have been having a tough time budgeting your food allowance, Minori shares a few tips and recipes that will get you the most out of your money.

Fast & Frugal Budgeting Tips for Students during COVID-19 by Shawn (Student Services)

Check out the great money-saving food and grocery tips in this blog post.

Other Resources

UBC Finances

UBC Student Services – Finances

Helpful resources provided by UBC focused around different elements of finances such as: bursaries and scholarships, financial emergencies, and financial wellness workshops.

First-Year Budget Planning Worksheet

A UBC provided fillable pdf where you can visualize all your expenses for the academic year divided by month.

UBC Student Services – Financial Planning

More resources focused specifically on building a financial plan, along with information on what a financial plan is.

Budget Worksheets and Calculators

Student Budget Worksheet

A student budgeting worksheet created by the Government of Canada that was developed to go along with student loans.

Interactive Budget Planner

A budgeting calculator from the Government of Canada where you can focus on specific goals such as budgeting with a specific amount of student loans or savings, debt repayment, or working towards a savings goal.

Peer Advice

Advice from the Chapman Learning Commons Staff

Kira | Economics and Math

“I think building a budget can seem really difficult at the start. I would recommend that you look at it as a way to gain more control over your life rather than as a burden. If you’re struggling, just start by noting down how much you spend on the basics, like rent, food, and school. Then you can go into more specifics in the future if needed.”

Aida | Political Science

“I use Excel and try to make [my budgeting sheet] as colourful as possible so that I keep wanting to add stuff instead of giving up the first month.”

Nana | Integrated Sciences

“Use an app to plan because you can easily lose track [of your budget.]”

Ozioma | Economics

“Have a set number in mind that you want to save. Have a set number in mind for spending, especially [for things that] usually cost a lot.”

Rosemary | Nutritional Sciences

“[I] budget on the meals I eat on campus. Usually, I bring food from home but sometimes I want to buy food. I found out about places like Fooood ($3 meals) and Sprouts ($4) in my last year which helped me save some money!”

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