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6 Types of Boundaries You Deserve To Have (And How To Maintain Them) (Article, MGBRelationships)

Read more about different types of healthy boundaries, and how they can build successful relationships.

The Guide to Strong Relationship Boundaries (Article, Mark Manson)

In this guide, you’ll learn tips on how to create strong relationship boundaries and boost your general self-esteem along the way.

Set Boundaries for Healthier Relationships (Guide, UBC)

Learn more about how to speak up and listen in your relationships and feel empowered despite initial awkwardness or discomfort.

Mental Health Literacy Canvas course(Canvas Module, UBC)

Learn more about how different dimensions of our identity can impact our wellbeing.


How Do I Set Healthy Boundaries with People? (YouTube, Kati Morton)

Learn different tips on how to set healthy boundaries from a licensed therapist.

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Sleep and Academic Success

Learn about how sleep can affect academic success and how to ensure that you are well-rested while meeting deadlines.

Working in Groups

Learn about working in groups, such as how to communicate with honesty and transparency, how to divide work, and how to work through conflict.

Blog Posts

Knowing Your Limits and Boundaries by Nicole (Blog Post, CLC)

Learn how figuring out your limits and boundaries is part of effective self-care in this blog post.

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