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AMS, UBC, & External Resources

AMS Resources

AMS Peer Support (Webpage, AMS)

One to one peer support that allows students to discuss personal challenges in a private safe space.

AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan (Webpage, AMS)

AMS/GSS healthcare plan automatically covers all students. The plan covers medical/dental services not covered by provincial healthcare.

UBC Resources

Academic Advising (Webpage, UBC)

Academic advisors can help in a variety of academic related ways from degree planning to discussing academic concession.

UBC Counselling Services (Webpage, UBC)

UBC Counselling Services serves as one of the first points of contact on campus for mental health concerns or support.

UBC Recreation (Webpage, UBC)

UBC Recreation offers a variety fitness and sport related classes, services, and spaces.

UBC Wellness Centre (Webpage, UBC)

The UBC Wellness Centre offers a variety of services and resources centred around physical and mental wellness.

External Resources

Changing How We Think About Wellness (TED Talk, Monica Mo)

This TED talk from Monica Mo, the CEO of a wellness centred social enterprise, discusses her perspectives on wellness.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness (UC Davis)

This webpage from UC Davis goes in depth into the Wellness Wheel and all the different aspects within the wheel.

Emotional Toolkit (National Institute of Health)

This toolkit from the National Institute of Health (NIH) gives 6 strategies on how to improve one’s emotional wellbeing.

Wellness Modules (Here to Help)

Here to Help, project from 7 BC mental health focused non-profits, offers 11 modules on how to tackle different aspects of wellbeing.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

Related Toolkits


Looking for resources to determine a monthly budget? This guide offers helpful resources and advice on building a budget.

Communicating Your Needs 

Wellbeing can include identifying and communicating your personal needs. Learn about navigating conversations about personal boundaries. 

Sleep and Academic Success 

Learn about how sleep can affect academic success and how to ensure that you are well-rested while meeting deadlines. 

Time Management 

Struggling with managing your time or want to develop a more efficient schedule? Check out our toolkit to learn how to create a schedule that works for you.

Related Resources

Part 1- Engineering Your Life: Designing Better Health by Bryan and Sam (Blog Post, CLC)

Two engineering students discuss how they prioritized their health while being students with a busy schedule.

Part 2- Engineering Your Life: Designing Better Routines by Bryan and Sam (Blog Post, CLC)

Two engineering students discuss routine recommendations and how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

How to Self Compassion in Academics by Alex (Blog Post, CLC)

Hear from one of our student staff members as they share their experience navigating self-compassion and what strategies they tried.

Exam Meditation Space (Resource, CLC)

IKB provides a designated area for meditation and prayer during exam season. Additionally, the webpage lists other available spaces for these activities outside of the exam season.

Your Turn

Now you have learned about different wellness aspects. Take some time to ask yourself:

  • What is your biggest takeaway?
  • How did your perception of wellness change throughout the learning process?

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