University Essential Skills




What's in store for you at UBC? Our student staff shares their advice and experiences.
Girl writing on notebook
Notes are an integral part of university. Learn how to make the best use of them!
Male student looking stressed while trying to study from a notebook.
Exams, you can’t escape ‘em. Learn to prepare for and gain confidence in test-writing.
Learn how to reframe learning challenges by addressing negative thoughts.
Learn focus strategies for dealing with distractions, brain fog, and stress
Learn how to find motivation and build discipline.
a student taking notes on an article
Get the most out of your courses by mastering critical thinking. Find out more...
student and professor facing each other. Both seated on green sofas
Why should you go to office hours? Find answers to that question and more...
Learn a 3-step approach for navigating difficult conversations and boundaries.
Find out how to utilize online learning platforms, reformat digital documents, and more!
Everyone has their own way of learning effectively. What's yours?
Take this self assessment quiz and learn how to reflect your priorities in your course selection!
Group mates sitting around table with books and laptops talking
Group projects can be stressful--and rewarding! Make the most of any project.
Student in cap and gown, holding a UBC diploma.
Dreams feel beyond reach? We'll have you shooting for the stars -and reaching them!

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The Chapman Learning Commons is located on Level 3 of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on the UBC Vancouver campus.