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UBC Resources

Career Goals Toolkit (Website, UBC Sauder)

This toolkit from the Sauder School of Business introduces different strategies to tackle big goals.

UBC Career Centre (Website, UBC)

UBC Career Centre offers a variety of services and resources geared to supporting you and your career goals.

UBC Academic Advising (Website, UBC)

The Open University is a collection of open articles, activities, videos, and courses on subjects ranging from business to history.

External Resources

Goal-Setting Techniques and Strategies You Can Use Now For Future Success (Website, NSLS)

This webpage from the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) introduces a variety of goal-setting strategies and techniques.

How do you measure and track the progress of SMART goals? (Website, LinkedIn)

Learn more tips on tracking your goal progress and using SMART goals effectively.

Mastering The Art of Goal Setting (Website, Forbes)

This article from Forbes discusses the importance of goal setting and tips on making meaningful and impactful goals. 

CLC Resources

Related Tools

 Managing Your Time

Struggling with managing your time or wanting to develop a more efficient schedule? Check out our toolkit to learn how to create a schedule that works for you.

Motivation Resource Guide

Staying motivated is a key aspect of achieving your goals. Learn more about motivation and other students’ tips through this resource guide.

Growing Grit Toolkit

There may be ups and downs while trying to achieve your goals. Learn how to be perseverant and resilient in making your goals a reality.

Related Resources

I Think I Can by Appu (Blogpost, CLC)

This blog introduces and discusses how “self-efficacy” (the internal belief that one has the ability to achieve their goal) can impact your approach to goals.

Pick Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Motivation by Sanjana (Blogpost, CLC)

Read this blog post to learn about the brain chemistry behind motivation and how it plays a role in our daily lives.

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