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Now that you are familiar with the different contract types for on-campus housing and the variety of off-campus options, use the quiz below to create a plan for finding housing based on your personalized accommodation needs.

Disclaimer: This activity is specifically for the Vancouver campus and its neighborhoods. For Okanagan housing resources, please visit their website.



Websites & Videos

Websites & Resources

UBC Housing Portal (Webpage, UBC)

UBC’s Housing portal is where housing application are created, submitted and ranked. Consult it when you are ready to submit your application!

Student Residence Website (Webpage, UBC)

The student residence website goes in-depth through the contracts types and residences operated by UBC Housing, while also providing tips on various aspects of student life!

Living Off-Campus (Resource, UBC)

This guide to living off-campus resources for off-campus housing search, as well as things to consider when conducting a viewing or signing a contract.

More Campus Housing (Resource, UBC)

This website provides a list of campus housing options that are not affiliated with UBC Housing services and their particularities.

UBC Collegia

UBC Collegia is a designated on-campus space for incoming first-year commuter and Indigenous students


UBC Collegia: A space for first-year commuter students

Watch this fun video introduction to UBC Collegia, a designated space for incoming first-year commuter and Indigenous students

UBC Virtual Tour

Check out UBC’s Vancouver residences from anywhere in the world by taking the Vancouver Campus virtual tour!

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

Related Toolkits


Looking for resources to determine a monthly rental budget? This guide offers helpful resources and advice on building your budget as a student.

Communicating Your Needs

Communicating with landlords can involve difficult conversations. Learn a 3-step approach for navigating difficult conversations about personal boundaries.

Responding to a Housing Post Handout (PDF, CLC)

Use this workshop handout to design a general response to housing posts you’re interested in.

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Planning Ahead for Year-round housing by Sara

Are you worried about finding a housing spot? Read through another student’s experiences applying for both on-campus and off-campus housing.

How to Find Bliss with Your New Roommates by Ozioma

Living with other people can be stressful! Read Ozioma’s complete guide on how to get along with your new roommates.

What Was It Like to Move for University? by Richard

Hear from Richard about how he navigated the joys and struggles of becoming acclimated to university life!

Your Turn

Now you have learned how to look for and find student housing. Take some time to ask yourself:

  • How much has this toolkit improved your housing search??
  • How did your perception of house search change throughout the learning process?

Drop your comments below to tell us what you think!

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