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Websites & Worksheets

Jumpstart (Website, UBC)

Jumpstart is a multi-day program designed to give first-year students a first look at university life, meet professors and make friends at UBC Vancouver!

Weekly Planning Worksheet (Word Document, UBC)

Use this UBC-created downloadable template to plan out your time during the week and create a schedule that fits your needs.

AMS Tutoring (Webpage, UBC)

AMS Tutoring is offers tutoring sessions to first and second year students to help them tackle their coursework confidently.

UBC Counselling (Webpage, UBC)

Counselling Services is the first point of contact for UBC students’ mental health needs and concerns. They help connect students to counsellors, and provide mental healthcare information.

UBC Assignment Calculators (Website, UBC Library)

UBC’s assignment calculator helps you to break down your assignment into manageable steps with deadlines and provides resources for each step to help you along the way.

Arts Peer Academic Coaches (Website, UBC)

Arts Peer Academic Coaches are upper-year students who support other students succeed by coaching them and providing strategies to help meet their academic goals.

Enrolment Services Advisors (Webpage, UBC)

Enrolment Services Advisors help students navigate their course registration and finances at UBC.


Time Management (YouTube, UBC Leap)

UBC Leap’s Time Management video focuses on creating a work and life balance and how you can create free time for yourself while also managing your class schedule and school work.

Study Exam Skills (YouTube, UBC Leap)

UBC Leap’s Study Exam Skills video focuses on different elements that you should keep in mind during the exam season, such as how to create a study schedule that best fits your workload.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

Related Toolkits


This guide offers helpful advice on building your budget as a student.

Related Tools

Approach to Learning Quiz (Webpage, CLC)

This quiz may help you gain a little more insight into your typical approach to learning and which strategies may work well for you in maximizing your strengths.

Course Registration Quiz (Webpage, CLC)

What do you look for the most when registering for courses? Topic, academic objectives, instructor, course format, or time? Take this quiz to figure out what’s most important for you. 

Chapman Learning Commons: Time Management Tools (Website, CLC)

Learn more about different time management tools and their different features to discover which scheduling program works best for you.

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4 Legit Back to School Tips (Blogpost, CLC)

Learn from Flint’s experience as a UBC alumni about the best ways to prepare for the start of the school year.

Living on a student budget (Blogpost, CLC)

Learn how to financially prepare yourself for a new term and manage your finances as a student.

A student guide to picking classes (Blogpost, CLC)

Draw from Richard’s experience with picking classes and use his tips to keep your schedule hassle-free.

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