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We recommend exploring all of the answers below, as each contains information you may find valuable even if the answer does not currently apply to your circumstances.





Websites & Videos

Articles & Websites

Types of Academic Accommodations (Resources, UBC)

Learn what academic accommodations available at UBC, your eligibility, and how academic accommodations can help you.

Note-taking in class (Article, Royal Roads University)

Learn more about taking notes in class, and how you can take note more efficiently in this article.

Note-taking Apps (Article, California Community Colleges)

California Community Colleges’ Accessibility Centre has compiled a list of different note taking apps and their user guides to help you discover the perfect app for you.

UBC Resources

UBC: Note Taking Strategy for the University Student (YouTube, UBC)

UBC’s video breaks down different note taking strategies, each style’s benefits, and how each method might work best for you.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

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Try using one of the 5 recommended note taking strategies this semester and let us know if you found it useful.

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    This was very informative. I think I could have benefited from this may years ago. I don’t think I have ever actually been shown how to take notes in an organized and efficient manner. I am excited to give these new methods a try.

  6. Anonymous

    Very interesting stuff. I learned some new ways to take better notes!

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    All the information’s are insightful. Now I know the method and style to use in preparing for my Academics..

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    I found all the information very useful because I haven’t been in school for twenty-eight years and the information helped me with what style to use.

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