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Websites & Videos

Articles & Websites

Types of Academic Accommodations (Resources, UBC)

Learn what academic accommodations available at UBC, your eligibility, and how academic accommodations can help you.

Note-taking in class (Article, Royal Roads University)

Learn more about taking notes in class, and how you can take note more efficiently in this article.

Note-taking Apps (Article, California Community Colleges)

California Community Colleges’ Accessibility Centre has compiled a list of different note taking apps and their user guides to help you discover the perfect app for you.

UBC Resources

UBC: Note Taking Strategy for the University Student (YouTube, UBC)

UBC’s video breaks down different note taking strategies, each style’s benefits, and how each method might work best for you.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

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Try using one of the 5 recommended note taking strategies this semester and let us know if you found it useful.

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32 responses to “Taking Notes”

  1. Caiden Little

    I usually take notes in the Cornell method, I just feel that its the most convenient one.

  2. Madison Lucas

    I usually take notes in a Cornell Method to condense my information. I usually always do this when reading an article for English. I also really enjoy the mapping method because it exercises my brain.

  3. Makial Abdallah

    Before I was not familiar with the types of note taking,, however outlining method was my choice but after watching this video I realized that Cornell method is the most convenient one. Thank you so much for great work

  4. Lucy Wanjiru

    I like using the Outline method. It’s a pretty organized and structured way to take notes.

  5. Nomatter Changana

    This is great content, I did not know I could read and take notes at the same time. It really helps.

  6. John

    I understand the importance of taking notes, it helps you retain information from the lecture and be creative in your ideas by summarizing what you have learned. Significantly prepare before your lecture and employ all the note-taking methods.

  7. Simplice NIBIGIRA

    Wow! I am very happy to study and comprehend note- taking strategies. I used to read and try to understand the content without thinking of taking notes but from now I am going to take notes because I find it very helpful in my Academic journey. By the way, Every student can select his/her method that he/she likes

  8. Ribert Muchimbs

    Very helpful information for me especially in my study note-taking and study strategies. This is so insightful and will assist me in my final exam preparation.

  9. De-Metria James

    Everything was great. I believe this video was very helpful in a taught me ways to effectively take notes with being able to determine. What’s the important take away from the lesson.

  10. Jordan Johnson

    All of the information is useful. I learned some new ways to take notes.

  11. Tay W.

    This is an informative video on note taking at the college level. I see how it is useful. I am thankful it went over other note taking styles beyond Cornell notes. Each type of note taking stategy has its strengths and weakness and should be used for appropriate situations.

  12. Anonymous

    This Video covered a lot of things. This has added to My knowledge on taking notes although, I have been practising some of the note-taking strategy ignorantly. Nevertheless, these strategies, will help me achieve a great success in all I do. I am thrilled to learn about this self development skills.

  13. Anonymous

    all startegies are effective actually, but for me hand written is the most important part of takling notes, as a student your brain is the one controlling evrything on your body. its so effective to remember what are the topic and lesson and easy for us to remember.

  14. Bukola Adeyemi

    With this new knowledge of note-taking, I believe it will lessen my stress and also help with the long-term retention of information. The most preferred style for me is the “Cornell Method” because this style helps with organizing and condensing.

    1. Jane Kadu

      all strategies are effective actually, but for me hand written is the most important part of taking notes, as a student your brain is the one controlling everything on your body. its so effective to remember what are the topic and lesson and easy for us to remember.s are effective actually, but for me hand written is the most important part of taking notes, as a student your brain is the one controlling everything on your body. its so effective to remember what are the topic and lesson and easy for us to remember.

  15. Uwase marie victoire

    Thank you, I found all these tips helping but more especially the charting method. It is more convenient for me as it helps bring information to light in an easier-to-comprehend manner than reading blocks of text.

  16. Abdulai Leticia

    Finally, this education about note taking is going to reduce the stress that comes with learning from personal hand-written notes. Thank you very much.

  17. George Nyambalo

    Thank you for coming up with this topic on methods of note taking l have learned a lot from the topic how to to take good notes in class , summarizing

  18. Emmanuel Tuyishimire

    It is wonderful to hear the note-taking methods, now I am getting the main thing I would like to use during the learning journey. Thank you

  19. Immaculate Mphepo

    I found all the the notes style as important here, however Cornell method currently it will help me do my study notes and in future I will love the IWL method for conducting research.

  20. Diana Bachmanova

    Thank you very much! I used to not be very good at taking notes, but now I’m much better.

  21. Morgan Gonzalez

    Thank you! This has helped a lot when it comes to budgeting as a college student

  22. Lyle Jones

    Thank you

  23. Lyle Jones

    Thank you ¡!°°•,☆,•°°•¡!

  24. Tosha Potts

    This was very informative. I think I could have benefited from this may years ago. I don’t think I have ever actually been shown how to take notes in an organized and efficient manner. I am excited to give these new methods a try.

    1. Wilberforce Andrews

      Tosha The methods of note-taking has now brought me back to those days when I was at boarding school ,I didn’t take it serious. So it is now the right time to practice it .

      1. Paul

        I really appreciate to learn about note taking. Activity I used to take notes in different ways without knowing that
        I am using different methods of notes taking.

  25. Anonymous

    Very interesting stuff. I learned some new ways to take better notes!

  26. Anonymous

    All the information’s are insightful. Now I know the method and style to use in preparing for my Academics..

  27. Vivian Martinez

    I found all the information very useful because I haven’t been in school for twenty-eight years and the information helped me with what style to use.

    1. Wilberforce Andrews

      Martinez /, Gradually, I am mastering the College Learning because the information about different types of note -taking while learning will improve upon my studies .However, I have to try at least two or three of the methods and choose the best that will suit me

    2. Wilberforce Andrews

      Vivian, / Wilberforce I also found all the information given about note-taking as very useful .I hope every student will have his or her share according to his or her own choice

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