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UBC Wellness Centre: Stress Less for Exam Success (Resources, UBC)

Browse a range of free UBC resources, including study tips, writing strategies, citation guides, getting one-on-one help, finding study spaces, and how to deal with a situation impacting your studies.

University of Guelph: Multiple Choice Exams (Resources, University of Guelph)

Learn tips and tricks on how to study for and do your best on multiple choice exams through the University of Guelph’s resources.


How to Get Your Brain to Focus (Chris Bailey, YouTube)

In this video Chris Bailey, author of the recent book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity, creativity, and living a meaningful life.

How I Use My Calendar Efficiently (College Info Geek, YouTube)

Learn how to enhance your Google Calendar use and what other apps you can use simultaneously to improve your time management and organizational skills.

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

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Managing Your Time 

Struggling with managing your time or just want to develop a more efficient schedule? Check out our toolkit to learn how to create a schedule that works for you.

Online Exams

Learn more about taking exams online and what kind of support is available to you before beginning your virtual exams.

Reading Textbooks

One thing can’t be avoided at UBC: reading, and lots of it. Find out how to read effectively while also getting through piles of material.

Taking Notes

Notes are another inescapable part of getting a university education. We might not be able to make them fun, but we can offer tips on how to make them useful.

Related Articles & Videos

The Pomodoro Technique: Study More Efficiently, Take More Breaks

The Pomodoro technique is used by many students to structure their study times with set study breaks in order to avoid burnout while preparing for exams.

Exam Preparation Resources

Discover different resources in this compilation document, which focuses on how to prepare for an exam, how to manage stress, and how to prepare specifically for an online exam.

Exam Strategies

This tutorial will give you advice on studying for exams, including taking an inventory of your notes and preparing a five-day study plan.

Your Turn

Try studying for a test this term in short focused study sessions a few times a day rather than in long cramming sessions.

Give us your feedback below on which method works better for you.

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