20 responses to “The Pomodoro Technique: Study More Efficiently, Take More Breaks”

  1. Dami

    Love it

  2. mariama

    i love it ….it helped a lot

  3. Anonymous

    What do you mean by four pomodoro?

    1. kartik chhabra

      Sorry if it was a bit confusing. By “four Pomodoro”, it means doing the Pomodoro Technique four times, then taking a 30-minute break! Hope this clarifies the confusion.

      1. Anonymous

        Does 1 pomodoro = 25mins?
        1 pomodoro = (25mins study + 5mins break) + (25mins study + 5mins break) + (25mins study + 5mins break) + (25mins study + 5mins break)??

        1. Minori

          1 pomodoro = 25 minutes of focusing (and hopefully being productive)!

  4. Omega Master

    Why we have to write down our Distracting thoughts on a piece of Paper ?

    1. kartik chhabra

      This is a very good question! In order to identify your distractions, it is beneficial to write them down where you can see them, in order to remind yourself what it is that is distracting you. This way you can take a look at it and clearly avoid it when these distractions come about again.

  5. David mason

    A great technique i faced many changes but what i dont understand is can we take a 5 min break or a 10 min break is fine

    1. Minori

      The standard break schedule calls for 5 minute breaks (until the longer, 30-minute break comes around), but personalizing the process can be very beneficial. If you prefer 10 minute breaks, go for it!

  6. Rubin Mehta


    My only question is, what Pomodoro time duration is considered as most suitable?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Minori

      The full cycle discussed here will take you 2.5 hours. It will depend on the person whether they can keep going for another 2.5 hours after the first full cycle, or if they want to add more “pomodoro + 5 minute break” time segments afterwards. Hope that helps!

  7. Fadeke

    I love this technique and I will definitely try it. Also, I wanted to ask about the four pomodoros but I can see it has been answered.

  8. Mike Wang

    It is a new theory for to try it and sove my same problem of distraction when working.

  9. Chetan

    Quite amazing!. But I think the technique needs to be a little upgraded. If you are in a flow state and hear the timer go off, rather than continuing the task we go about taking the break. This causes to lose focus and decreases efficiency. The updated version needs to be a fusion of Pomodoro and flow state.

    1. Minori

      We’re glad this resource helped you reflect on what process would help you be the most efficient and productive!



    1. Minori

      It’s totally up to you if you want to adapt the technique to better suit your preferences!

  11. Nael Alhabeeb

    I love it , it’s great technique and it’s really help us to finished out task and homework quickly.

  12. Engelberto A Nioda Jr

    I love this technique. i use to a have similar practice in college. i come up having a schedule for the whole day and for the whole week. when i adapted to the routine, everything seems so easy for me after that.

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