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Your Turn

Try using one of the 5 recommended note taking strategies this semester and let us know if you found it useful.

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13 responses to “Taking Notes”

  1. tet.guru

    all the shared information is good and i recommend to make all the content short and sweet.

  2. whitney allen

    This information helped me a lot and I will use through out my college year

  3. Lorena Flores

    I’m starting, but in my opinion, it’s going to help me a lot to define how I should take notes

  4. Mrs. Girard

    Hey! I’d like to share this with my senior high school students and link to this tutorial on our school library webpage, if I can have permission to do so? Doing our best to start ’em young – @Ladysmith Secondary School

    1. Chapman Learning Commons

      Hello Mrs. Girard,
      Please do share with them and recite our source! Hope the article helps more students as well!

      UBC Chapman Learning Commons

  5. searchengineer.org

    Tһey place more trust in organic rankings.

  6. Carol Tacha

    Very helpful information. I am excited to apply it in my course this semester!

  7. Adetola O.

    I really like the way the informations were shared, simple language for easy understanding. Can’t wait to apply the knowlege.

    1. Annika

      Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more helpful resources!

  8. LaTasha Clark

    This was all great information. Some practices I was already doing, but there was a lot of new stuff I learned today too watching the video.

    1. sarah robertson

      Hello, thank you for your comment. We’re glad you enjoyed this resource!

  9. Nicole Lee

    Very informative! It showed me variety types of note taking skill and definitely taught me on how to effectively , strategically write notes.

  10. Robert Shipe

    All the information definitely has me trying to change into a better note taker…

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