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Note our Student Staff provide help with technology (Canvas, Zoom etc.) and academic support over email up to 1 hour before your exam. During your exam refer here for support contacts: 

FOR SNOW RESCHEDULED EXAMS from TERM 1 2022: The LT Hub will be providing support from 8 AM – 10 PM (tickets only, no phone line or drop-in), on Saturday January 14th only.

Key Exam Technologies/Softwares

Click the links for information on exam technologies and software.

You may be asked to submit your assignment to one of the following grading platforms:

Try self-enrolling in our practice Canvas exam. Look at different exam types: use lockdown browser, webwork, proctored exams and more.

Some of the resources above are from the Learning Technology Hub. These are resources for instructors, but they can also give you information about tools and where to find additional support documentation. 

Before Your Exam

Review our PDF summary of Exam Preparation Tips.

  • Check your internet connectivity and stick to full-screen devices
    • Take Canvas quizzes on a desktop or laptop computer with a strong internet connection, rather than on your phone. Viewing the quiz settings and timer on the Canvas Student app is not very intuitive, and you may miss something important.
  • Make sure your technology is up to date.
  • Review information about your exam. Know the following:
    • What question types will be featured (multiple choice, survey type, written etc.)
    • Make sure you know whether your exam is proctored.
    • Make sure you confirm the date and time of your exam, especially if you are in a different time zone.
  • If using Canvas:
    • Look for the “Available Until” date: This date is the point when you can no longer be taking a quiz. Some quizzes may not have this date set. But if they do and you’re midway through answering when it arrives, the quiz will auto-submit.
    • Don’t leave a timed quiz midway: While you can technically exit Canvas quizzes and return later, try to avoid using this feature on a timed quiz. The timer will continue running while you’re gone, and the quiz will auto-submit when timer runs out.
    • Navigate quizzes with the question list: If you get bumped out in the middle of a quiz, you can go back in, but you will be at the beginning. Find your way back to the question you were on using the list in the sidebar.

Troubleshooting Before Your Exam

Our Student Staff provide help with technology (Canvas, Zoom etc.) and academic support over email up to 1 hour before your exam.

  • Make sure you’ve completed all pre-exam requirements.
  • If you can’t access Canvas and/or certain features within Canvas, the most common reason is an out-of-date internet browser. If your browser is up-to-date and something is still not working, try accessing Canvas through a different browser.

During Your Exam

  • If an image doesn’t load in your browser during your exam,
    1. Right-click on the image Select “Load / View / Reload Image”
    2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  • The ability to clear your cache should be located in your internet browser’s Privacy/Security Settings.
  • Double check for wifi connectivity before submitting any documents.
  • If you experience tech issues or your wifi cuts out, contact your instructor right away. Include a screenshot of the work you’ve completed so far so you do not lose any of it, as well as the error message or any other indication of the issue. If you have had prior difficulties with your wifi, let your instructor know before writing the exam, so that they are aware that this might be an issue.
  • Be aware that after you submit a file to Canvas for an exam, you won’t be able to go back and look at your submission. Check with your instructor if you’re concerned that your file didn’t upload.

Our Student Staff provide help with technology (Canvas, Zoom etc.) and academic support over email up to 1 hour before your exam.

Troubleshooting During Your Exam

  • Contact your instructor for assistance during your exam for all issues, for example: if your exam doesn’t load, if you lose wifi connectivity, if you are accidentally locked out of an exam, etc.
  • After contacting your instructor, also contact UBC IT’s Service Centre Help Desk. Instructors can contact the Learning Technology Hub. Email for UBC Vancouver  Email for UBC Okanagan
  • If interrupted during an invigilated exam (e.g., Proctorio recording), calmly explain any interruptions to the camera, and trust your instructor or invigilator will work with you to understand what happened.

Study Prep for Your Exam

Learn more about how to study for your exam with our toolkit Preparing for Your Exam

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