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Questions about learning or academic support at UBC? Need assistance with learning technology (such as Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, or Zoom)? Our friendly Chapman Learning Commons Online Assistants provide support over email and video chat.

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Online Learners

Digital classroom making your head spin? Check out these great tools and resources for taking distance courses.

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Keep Learning

The Keep Learning site provides you with resources to get prepared for online learning. (This page is an external link)

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Online Exams

Learn how to get set up for your online exams.

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Learning Skills Workshops

The UBC Learning Commons offers learning skills workshops specific to the online context. Register for one of more of the options to receive the link for attending online.

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Managing Your Time

Wasting a lot of time online? Pulling too many all-nighters? Getting better at managing your time is easier than you think!

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Preparing for Exams

Tests and exams, you can’t escape ‘em. So learn how to prepare well in advance and gain confidence in test-writing.

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Special Winter Edition – The Perfect Winter Themed Study Breaks!

by Madeleine on November 27, 2020

This time of year can seem dark and dreary, but these fun activities will spice-up your study breaks! Take a look at some ways that you can eat, craft, and exercise your way out of the winter blues!

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Learning at Home: Setting up a Study Space and Study-Pace

by Lina on October 16, 2020

How have you adapted to online learning? This week, Lina walks us through setting up ergonomic study spaces and scheduling for success!

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Fake News! Who Cares!

by Johnson on October 2, 2020

How can you tell whether what you see in the media is genuine?

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Moving Forward And Continuing to Learn

by kartik chhabra on July 22, 2020

With the shift to online learning, how should we continue to learn and why is it important? This blog will cover those reasons, as well as some resources shared by one of our CLCA's.

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Student taking notes on their laptop.

How to Be More Productive With the Use of Technology

by Rahul on July 17, 2020

Are you looking for some new resources to boost your productivity? Click here for a list of applications that will help you on your learning journey!

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