Profs-in-Spaces is a UBC wide project that seeks to increase meaningful engagement between students and professors outside of the classroom. The Learning Lounge on level 3 of Irving K Barber has long been home to one of UBC’s excellent academic supports, Science Peer Academic Coaching. This year, we are expanding a project that will embed professors’ office hours in the same space! The intention is that multiple academic supports delivered by a combination of professors, TAs, and student leaders, will lead to innovation in holistic approaches, learning support, and interdisciplinary dialogue. Too intimidated to speak to your own prof? Come and talk to one of our friendly Profs-in-Commons! Open Office Hours will be posted here.

The Learning Lounge is open Monday-Friday 12-5pm, from Sept 18th to April 2nd.

Events in the Space

Past events in the Learning Lounge have included knitting lessons, coffee stations, and more! The full list of 2017 events and programming will be coming soon.

Profs in the Learning Lounge

Dr. Neil Armitage, Sociology- this is Neil’s second year in the Learning Commons, providing his office hours for Soci201 alongside his TA. Neil is also a Learning Strategist working out of the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers, focusing on the first year experience. Neil enjoys knitting toques, going for runs, and playing with his new puppy, Polly.

Dr. Amy Metcalfe, Education– This is Amy’s first year as a Prof-in-Commons, and she is holding office hours for Education, School, and Social Institutions 401 and 511. Amy has been an active participant in ProfWalks summer edition and has a passion for how we learn.

Dr. Katja Thieme, English– Katja is also new to the Prof-in-Commons initiative this year and will be holding office hours for WRDS 150, ASTU 204, and ENG 489. Katja studies the Canadian women’s suffragists of the early twentieth century and their relations to international networks of women’s activism.