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The Chapman Learning Commons is located on Level 3 of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on the UBC Vancouver campus.

As the exam season comes creeping in, one thing I can not recommend enough is to go to office hours. I know that it can be pretty intimidating sometimes. I definitely felt nervous when I first started going to office hours too. In my first year, I was shocked and confused after getting my first […]

On Burning Out The 2016-2017 Winter Session marks the first academic year over the course of my undergrad during which I have not felt like a student. I feel more like a sad, perpetually tired 22 year old slowly sucking the passion, energy, and will to learn from the younger, real students in my classes. […]

Sometime over the course of your time as a student, you’ve probably encountered this: A well-meaning friend/acquaintance/teacher/auntie/barista asks so, what’s your plan for after graduation? Perhaps you answer with pride and certainty, or perhaps you feel a sinking sense of anxiety and impending doom which you express through a meek I’m not sure or Maybe […]

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