Irving K Barber Learning Center

The Chapman Learning Commons offers a series of workshops geared to support students in cultivating essential academic skills in the online learning environment.

Our team of Chapman Learning Commons Assistants currently offer four workshops; read more about them below. The workshops are 45 minutes long, but may be adaptable with advance notice.

Requesting a Workshop

If you would like to arrange for us to present a workshop in your class, please contact Lisa Popplewell, Learning Commons Coordinator at We will do our best to accommodate all workshop requests. For prescheduled workshop offerings that are open for all students to attend, see here.

Change the way you think about focus. You’ll learn the benefits of becoming more focused, which parts of your life are damaging your focus, and what you can do to increase your ability to focus.

We’ll consider how to make space for your personal wellbeing when working and studying from home. Drawing from advice and experiences of CLC Assistants, you will develop approaches to working remotely that keep your wellbeing in mind and consider how your unique context might impact your work-life balance. You’ll leave with resources to support your success.

As students learning and connecting online, there is a lot to consider—especially when working with others. You will leave this workshop with knowledge on how to prepare and give effective group presentations online, from working with each other to engaging a class with technology.

Time management is an essential skill for academic success and wellbeing in university! In this session, you will practice time management techniques for scheduling your time, setting goals, and more. You will learn how to separate your “workspace” from your “home space”, mitigate distractions, and learn more tips on time management to set you up for success!

As online learners, we constantly communicate with others using a variety of platforms. Which platforms are best suited to different types of communication? How might you engage effectively online with a professor, a classmate, or a colleague? This session helps you build your communication confidence by considering best practices and recommendations when communicating online, using a variety of methods- from email, to instant messaging, to video chat.

Searching for housing can be very stressful, especially if you do not know anything about the house-hunting process in Vancouver. This workshop will provide you with the fundamental knowledge on how to decide who to live with, evaluate housing postings, engage in safe house tours, and know your rights as a renter!

Cultivating healthy sleep habits contributes to academic success. This workshop invites you to reflect on your feelings and habits related to sleep and to explore the relationship between sleep and work. Through guided activities and reflection, you will explore ways to optimize your sleep habits and in turn, nurture your wellbeing- as well as your academic and professional success!

Perhaps you’re entering your first year at UBC, or you are coming to campus for the first time! All are welcome to attend this orientation session, where you’ll connect with peers and learn how to access various resources to support your success as a student.

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