Learning Skills Workshops

The Chapman Learning Commons is offering learning skills workshops specific to the online context, at various dates throughout the Fall 2020 term. Register for one or more of these options to receive the link for attending online. The Collaborate Ultra link will be distributed via email 1-2 days prior to your session. If you have questions or concerns with registration, please email us at clc.assistants@ubc.ca.

Balancing Learning and Living at Home

We’ll consider how to make space for your personal wellbeing when working and studying from home. Drawing from advice and experiences of CLC Assistants, you will develop approaches to working remotely that keep your wellbeing in mind and consider how your unique context might impact your work-life balance. You’ll leave with resources to support your success.
Upcoming Sessions
September 18, 2020, 10-11am PST Register Here
September 24, 2020, 2-3pm PST: Register Here

Profs-in-Commons: Reaching out to Professors

Have you ever wanted to ask your prof a personal question, or have had something to share about a life circumstance that affected your learning- from having a doctor’s appointment, to handling a complex personal issue? We know these conversations can be difficult, and we’re here to help! In this session, meet with Dr. Robyn Pitman from the Department of Sociology to talk about when, and why, you should disclose something in your life to a professor in order to get the support you need.
Upcoming Session
September 30, 2020, 10-11am PST: Register Here

Group Presentations Online

As students learning and connecting online, there is a lot to consider—especially when working with others. You will leave this workshop with knowledge on how to prepare and give effective group presentations online, from working with each other to engaging a class with technology.
Upcoming Sessions
September 30, 2020, 1-2pm PST: Register Here
Oct 5, 2020, 10-11am PST: Register Here

Time Management when Learning Online

With this rapid transition to learning online, some of us are taking classes that have both asynchronous (on our own time) and synchronous (“live”) learning elements. In this session you will learn how to separate your “work space” from your “home space” when you can’t physically come and go from class. You will also get tips on time management as a remote learner to set you up for success when taking classes online.
Upcoming Sessions
October 8, 2020, 10-11am PST: Register Here
October 13, 2020, 2-3pm PST: Register Here

Online Communication Skills

As online learners, we constantly communicate with others using a variety of platforms. Which platforms are best suited to different types of communication? How might you engage effectively online with a professor, a classmate, or a colleague? This session helps you build your communication confidence by considering best practices and recommendations when communicating online, using a variety of methods- from email, to instant messaging, to video chat.
Upcoming Sessions
October 19, 2020, 1-2pm PST: Register Here
October 22, 2020, 11am-12pm PST: Register Here

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