Plan and Evaluate

Strategies related to planning, personal reflection and self evaluation help you in learning and in life!.

Developing these approaches to learning will help you to become self-directed and (likely) more successful in achieving your goals. See below for a few suggestions!

Orient yourself to each course

Look through your course outline, course materials, learning objectives and assignment schedules. This orientation will help you to determine your goals and make decisions about the amount of time and effort you may need to invest in order to get there.

Check your progress and your understanding of the material you are studying

In checking your progress toward learning the material, you will want to talk with others, reflect on your notes, adapt your strategies if they are not working, seek clarification and reflect on your understanding of the concepts as they relate to past learning or experiences.

You’ll also want to check your own pace of learning in relation to the course schedule and intended learning outcomes or course objectives. Participation in online discussion (if your course is online) is important.

Evaluate your learning

Self-evaluation can be a useful tool. Strategies here include self-testing and review of the content, reflection on and revision of your own learning goals and the strategies you are using to accomplish them.

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