Confronting the Challenges of a Term

Welcome back to a new and exciting term at UBC! Remember with the start of each new term it’s best to go in with a positive and healthy mindset- don’t let the baggage from the previous semester bring you down. Many students encounter discouragement and the lack of motivation in their university experience. For first and second years it could be from not doing academically as well as you thought. For upper year students such as third and fourth years, students have mentally tapped out and reached their ‘cognitive’ capabilities.


At the Chapman Learning Commons we want to offer you some possible resources so that ALL of us can approach this new semester differently!

  • Try and get involved on campus in various capacities. This could be joining a club that you’re passionate about or visiting your professor during office hours occasionally. It is important to make your presence known!
  • Peer academic coaching at Irving K. Barber located on the 3rd floor is a very useful tool. Peer advisors can help you find better strategies in terms of taking notes and studying habits.
  • The Health and Wellness Centre at Irving K. Barber located on the 1st floor is a great resource in terms of helping students take care of their mental well-being. Our mental health is very important and cannot be neglected. Here is some valuable information in terms of maintaining a healthy mindset:


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