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  1. LaFlope

    I’m here because my teacher wants us to write a list as to why we like / dislike group work. 😀

  2. libertyTerminator

    Unless we address the population models, the downturn in enrollment will have predictable results and these events are more the symptom than the problem. Economically, a school that grew from 1200 to 2000 should be able to return to its original size and be viable, but the human cost is terrible. There are, of course, contributing factorsthe rising cost of tuition and student desk, the facilities arms race, and the expectation (and therefore staffing requirements) of concierge-level services. If there are fewer people who require higher education (which should have been predictable as boomers aged), then we will necessarily see a contraction in the market which isn”t a horrible thing if there are other jobs for the displaced peoplebut I fear there are not.

    1. Chapman Learning Commons

      Very interesting comment! The question that you raise up for the economic system and symptoms that we are facing nowadays. Let us know what you think for practical steps to execute the population models!

  3. Nada

    Thank you! Much needed!

    1. Chapman Learning Commons

      So great that you enjoy our resource!

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