17 responses to “When things don’t quite go like you PLAN-ned”

  1. Ani

    Love everything about this article, Neema! It did sometimes difficult to let go of those plans but in the end, there is nothing that’s worth the peace of mind and clarity you get from letting go!

    1. Chapman Learning Centre

      Thank you! Your compliment is our power to write more!

  2. Chapman Learning Centre

    Beautifully crafted.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I sincerely appreciate your honesty. We all at a point in life will go through tough times. It’s necessarily about what happens but how we interpret and react to those challenges!

    I love ur maturity and indepth wisdom!

    1. Chapman Learning Centre

      Thank you! Your compliment is our power to write more!

  3. Chapman Learning Centre

    Thank you for being vulnerable. For sharing your truths and letting us learn from your experiences. Such a great read.

    1. Chapman Learning Centre

      Thank you! Your compliment is our power to write more!

  4. Anonymous

    Perfect reflection of how life can hit you in the face at any point. Your tips make it easier to see the bright sunshine day. Thank you!!

    1. Chapman Learning Centre

      Thank you! Your compliment is our power to write more!

  5. Michelle Muthoni

    This is exactly what I needed to read at this very moment. Thank you for such an exceptionally written piece.

  6. Kimberly

    There’s truly no price on self discovery and it doesn’t come easy but when it does it’s like a breathe of fresh air (sans roses of course). Great tips to live by.

  7. Noni Rubia

    This ARTICLE IS A TRUE REFLECTION OF MY 2019! And I admire the TRUTH IN THIS SO MUCH! Often times we base our identities off our failures, our successes and when things don’t go our way or on validation from others. All these do NOT determine who you are. Everything flows out of your identity and it determines how you operate in life and this is a clear testament of your growth sis! Whatever you have gone through this year is a definite sign of STRENGTH and I am in awe on how you have handled all this with pure grace and you have identified your peace… your note on reflection is KEY! We usually don’t take a step back and reflect and regroup and that sometimes brings us so much grief because we find ourselves spiraling in everything that is going on! I am grateful for this note sis! THANK YOU for sharing your truth, and your growth and your intellect! “It’s above you now sis” you know what I mean ❤️❤️❤️ I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AT THE TOP

  8. Dora

    This was such a relatable read! Also savvy and insightful! Its been a pleasure to read about your growth, and learn a few things at the same time! Can’t wait for the next one!

  9. Dora

    This was funny, insightful and the most relatable article I’ve ever read on here.
    As a member of the “wing it” group, welcome! We are so happy to have you (at least sometimes)

  10. Maria

    Your growth process has been an absolute pleasure to witness.
    Maneuvering through the challenges we face in university, all the while facing the challenges of adulthood can be a daunting experience.
    Many I have met have developed bitterness, resentment, unspoken competition with their peers, jealousy and have taken virtueless paths in light of the struggles we all experience during our university life.
    Where others failed, you have succeeded in comprehending the importance of humility. From conversations with you and in your post above, you reflect with a sense of maturity that many toil to learn in years to come. You approach your plans with hope and enthusiasm, however when life throws you a curveball, you make necessary acknowledgements. Finally, you make plans, but you create room within those plans for life to take its course, while still allowing you to progress without the devastation of “things not going your way”. That is brilliance! That is growth! Good on you my dear and with a temperament such as yours, I can only be optimistic for you in your future endeavors!

  11. Sharon

    Thank you for your honesty, also the humor u added made this such an entertaining article. I particularly enjoyed the part about reflecting as I have realized that when you leave this for too long the effects can be dire. Awesome stuff

  12. Wanjiku

    Weird how letting go is what it take sometimes to be in control

  13. Wanjiku

    Weird how letting go is exactly what you need to be in control.

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