What You Need to Know in September: Back to School Essentials

September is here! This was a very different month last year, but a lot of normalcy is being restored this year. UBC is excited to welcome everyone back to campus – it has been difficult seeing all that space empty especially from our windows in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre! Amidst the nerves and bubbly social excitement of new and returning students, we have some intriguing news for you!

Event Highlights

From the Chapman Learning Commons

“Hitting the ground running” has been made easier at the Chapman Learning Commons! We present you with workshops that seek to answer questions that often arise in September. On our Events page, you can find workshops such as the ones below:

  • New to UBC Chapman Learning Commons Orientation (Sep. 9, 11-12 PM PDT & Sep. 15, 4-5 PM PDT)
  • How to Focus (Sep. 16, 2-3 PM PDT)
  • Time Management Skills (Sep 23, 11-12 PM PDT)

Remember to register for these workshops!

From UBC and Beyond

You no longer have to imagine what Imagine Day would look like! On the 7th of September 2021, people can once again cover every inch of Main Mall with chatter, snacks, and anything you can think of. Imagine UBC provides more information on how the event will turn out this year as well as follow up events to expand and focus your orientation experience with resources such as faculty-specific orientations and more!

One of the biggest concerns this September is probably how to re-integrate oneself with the campus community. We’ve got your back there too! The Alma Mater Society (AMS), rightly captioned "We’ve Got Your Back", is home to a diverse collection of clubs to explore on club days, jobs, and resources that
promote socialization and your campus experience in general.

For a stronger focus on events happening in September, check out UBC Events. Some of these
events to look forward to being:

Resources for New and Returning Students

Chapman Learning Commons Resources

Your goal to cover all your bases before the school year picks up does not have to end on Imagine Day. Here at the Chapman Learning Commons, we have

Check them out because they were made with you in mind!

Speaking of which, we have created a New to UBC Resource Guide just for you! And for those looking for some guidance with housing, explore our Find Housing Resource Guide.

Since September is quite close to August, a lot of highlights remain relevant in both months. That is precisely why you should check out the “What You Need to Know in August: New & Returning Student Tips!” blog post to refresh your memory of some vital information! You will also find FAQs and blog posts that are usually trending at the beginning of the school year.

Blog Posts of Interest

And those are our best picks for September resources! Have a great month, and stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts!

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