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  1. Michael Simpson

    I appreciate your and the University’s extraordinary effort to bring this opportunity for learning to us all. This is truly an outstanding example of effecting change, or creating a platform for long standing reconciliation between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people of Canada. For the last 15 years, in various capacities, I have engaged the legacy of the Indian Residential School system with various government departments including the BC First Nations Health Authority. Most notably, I supported an approach to wellness that supported former students who were engaging various components of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. At one point was role was to travel to many northern communities located in Canada’s North, to provide information on the Settlement Agreement. In reality, the work became so much more than just sharing information. In many respects, we were all organically creating a path of dignity, respect and truth. I humbly offer my experiences and knowledge to you in support of this initiative. As a white, male coming from a place of privilege, to find a place among those whose lives were forever broke by the Schools, I have learned the true meaning of compassion and forgiveness.

    All my relations

    In spirit, Michael (Naa-Tuu-Tsi-Naa).

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