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Student scanning documents

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More information on printing and copying set up can be found here


Photocopier Locations

All UBC Library branches have photocopiers with black & white, colour and double-sided capabilities. Coin-operated copying is not available.


Letter (8.5x11″) & Legal Paper Large (11x17″) Paper
Black & White Colour Single-sided Colour Double-sided (per side) Black & White Colour Colour Double-sided (per side)
Photocopying 40¢ 35¢ 10¢ 50¢ 45¢
Printing 40¢ 35¢ 10¢ 50¢ 45¢

Please note:

  • All prices are per page including tax.
  • A page is defined by one side of a sheet of paper.
  • The default print setting on Library workstations is double-sided and you will therefore be charge 14¢ if the impression is on both sides. For Web Print, you can select which print queue you wish to use (duplex=double-sided)
  • For printing on 11 x 17 paper use web print for best results.
  • Print 11 x 17 pages at the Irving K Barber Learning Centre. Visit the Chapman Learning Commons Help Desk on the 3rd floor for more information.
  • For more information on copy services by staff, see below.
  • The Library will refund photocopy costs due to the mechanical errors of photocopiers or faulty cards, but not operator error.

Special Copying

Enhanced Services

UBC Library cardholders who qualify for Enhanced Services may order photocopying by staff through UBC Library’s Document Delivery service.

Rare Books & Special Collections

Rare Books and Special Collections offers copying services to both patrons in the reading room and those unable to visit in person. Please see our Services page for information on fees. Similarly for the University Archives, please see the Copying Services and Fees page.




UBC Library offers scanners at all library branches, specifically:

A large format flatbed scanner is available on level 4 of the Music, Art and Architecture Library. It is capable of scanning documents up to 12.2" x 17.2".


The Chapman Learning Commons has a commitment to sustainability. Conserve your use of paper. Please see our Sustainability Guide, also below, for more tips on how to use paper sustainably.