Managing Your Time

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Your Turn

At the beginning of the semester write all of your major assignments down on a calendar. At the end of the semester reflect on whether or not this helped you manage your time.

Tell us how it went in the space below.

12 responses to “Managing Your Time”

  1. Bethany Sparks

    I think writing out my tasks for the day will really help.

  2. Amy Xu

    Marking out midterms, finals, in-class essays and things didn’t feel like it had much of an impact on the more detailed planning of my day to day list of priorities, but once the days drawled nearer, it helped me stay more conscious of them and made me give myself more time in advance to prepare.

    1. Chapman Learning Commons

      Hi Amy,

      That is great to hear! Thank you for your feedback. If there is anything you found more helpful, please let us know in the comments below; we would love to hear more from you.

      Thanks so much!

  3. Godman Oloya

    I am Godman
    Writing down all my assignment on a calendar does not make really prioritized any, in fact, I choose what I think I would like to accomplish and focused on in bit until completion. Thanks

    1. Minori

      We’re glad you had a chance to reflect on the method that works best for you!

  4. Joan Ooga Bonareri

    I have really learned from watching the videos on time management. I will plan all my activities to ensure I attend to each task starting with the ones that are of high priority.

    1. Minori

      We’re so glad the videos were helpful. Thanks for watching!

  5. Stalina M

    This video really helps me and motivate me to fix my schedule. I’ve been trying to work on it these past few days but I always failed to but thanks to this video!

    1. Minori

      We’re so glad you found this video helpful!


    I really enjoyed the video and it has had a great impact on what I will be doing differently this time to achieve my learning goals.

  7. juddy

    The information is just a representation of our daily lives

  8. Anonymous

    I’m really glad I came into this video since it’s quite useful to me as a student.

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