Citation: Self-Assessment

When do you cite? How do you cite? Take this quiz and find out…

Knowing how to properly cite your sources will be important for your entire academic journey, but some citation rules can bring confusion and even stress. Take this quiz to figure out how to navigate through some common citation errors and uncertainties, and how best to solve them to avoid academic repercussions. Going over the mentioned resources at the end may also help you answer some questions you might have for future assignments!

Links and Resources

Question 1: You are considering reusing parts of an old assignment you submitted for a different course. Would this be a case of plagiarism?

Question 2: Oh no! Even though you ran your assignment through a plagiarism checker, you realize that you forgot to cite a source – but you already submitted it! What do you do?

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Question 3: What is the best way to avoid plagiarism?

Question 4: You are working on a paper and want to use material from previous lectures. So you:”

Question 5: You are having trouble finding an element (e.g. authors, DOIs, etc.) for a citation. What do you do?

Question 6: You are trying to cite a primary source and cannot find a matching citation example for the style you want to cite it in, you:

Question 7: There is a section of a phrase you want to include in your paper in the exact same order as the original source. Would it be fine to cite it without using quotation marks?

Question 8: You need to cite data for an assignment and are having trouble finding the correct way to arrange your elements. What is the best way to ensure you are accurately citing your data?

Question 9: What sort of repercussions can one expect if they commit academic misconduct?

Question 10: Finally, what are some efficient ways that you can develop good citation practices and get familiarized with academic integrity at UBC?

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