Apps That Will Help You Study More Efficiently

Apps That Will Help You Study More Efficiently

What are the best apps to help you ace your next exam? Learn more about our favourite apps that can help you study!

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4 Legit Back to School Tips

Aren’t you sick of the back-to-school clichés? We know we are! So check out some REAL back-to-school tools here.

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Academic Integrity: Who Gives a $@#%?

Don’t cheat. Cite your sources. Submit your work.

Is there more to academic integrity than just hard rules?

What’s Your Fix?

What’s Your Fix?

 It’s 2 a.m. in the morning and you glance at the bottom of your Word document. 1500 words to go in 7 hours, I can do this. But the long day of unengaging classes, standing at work and arguing with your roommate about chores just makes you want to hit the sack. No, I […]


Struggling? Stressed?: Adopting a positive attitude to challenges

Students at UBC are often well-versed with the myriad of resources available on campus. Throw one of us a problem and we can often quickly spit out a resource that we know our peers and ourselves can access: “Feeling sick?” “Go to the doctor?” “Not getting the grade you want in classes?” “Get a tutor.” […] @ Pexels

What Does it Mean to Be a Professional?

‘Professionalism’ is one of those buzzwords which often gets tossed around by people who want to give you career advice. But what does it mean to be a professional? Rarely does anyone give a precise definition of what it means to act professionally, and when someone does, they generally produce a rigid list of rules […]