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UBC Websites & Policies

UBC Websites

Academic Integrity & Citations (Website, CLC)

Want to learn more about the specifics of citations and academic integrity? We have broken these down into even more detail here!

UBC Academic Integrity (Website, UBC)

This webpage offers a comprehensive place to understand and explore different aspects of academic integrity that are specific to the UBC community.

UBC Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication Academic Integrity Canvas Module (Website, UBC)

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication has created an Academic Integrity Canvas course that explores Academic Integrity in depth.

UBC Policies

Copyright Guidelines for UBC Faculty and Students (Website, UBC)

As students, faculty, and staff, you are considered both owners and consumers of intellectual property. Understand navigating copyright obligations and permissions.

Policies on Academic Honesty (Website, UBC Academic Calendar)

This page gives a brief overview of “Academic Honesty and Standards” expected of UBC students as part of the UBC and the larger academic community.

UBC Scholarly Integrity Policy (Policy SC6) (Website, UBC)

This UBC policy outlines all responsibilities and related procedures for “Scholarly Integrity” for all UBC persons engaged with scholarly activity.

Discipline for Academic Misconduct (Website, UBC Academic Calendar)

This page outlines the specifics of academic integrity expectations, the process if expectations are disregarded, possible repercussions, and the appeals process.

UBC Library and External Resources

UBC Library Resources

Library Teaching and Learning: Citing – Where and Why (Video, UBC Library)

This video from UBC Library introduces the basics of when to cite and why citing is important.

Library Teaching and Learning: Elements of a Citation (Video, UBC Library) 

This video from UBC Library provides an overview of the differences and similarities between various citation styles, as well as how citation formats vary across different source types.

UBC Library Citation Guide (Website, UBC Library)

Interested in a specific aspect of citing a source or do you just want to master the basics of citing? UBC Library has created a comprehensive guide on creating citations.

UBC Library Citation Management (Website, UBC Library)

Managing all of the sources you’ve read can be challenging; this guide from UBC Library introduces different citation management tools available to UBC students and faculty. 

UBC Library Indigenous Citation Guide (Website, UBC Library)

This guide from UBC Library introduces citations in a way that reflects on, respects, and honors Indigenous Knowledge. Please note, this guide is still considered a work in progress.

External Resources

Harvard’s Principles of Paraphrasing Tutorial (Harvard University)

This document from the Harvard Graduate School of Education gives tips on paraphrasing sources in a way that integrates academic integrity. (Website,

This website offers an extensive look into plagiarism from a variety of different perspectives; it also includes resources on how to understand, teach about, and prevent plagiarism.

Purdue OWL (Purdue University)

This webpage from Purdue University aims to offer writing support with its citation style guides.

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  • What is your biggest takeaway?
  • How did your perception of academic integrity change throughout the learning process?

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