Academic Integrity & Citations

Academic integrity means practicing honesty and honour when engaging with your academics. Learn about citation, being responsible for your work, crediting the work of others, and concrete steps to ensuring academic integrity, below.

Writing Support

**External Link** Access writing resources provided by The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC)!

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Understand Academic Integrity

What does it mean to have integrity as a student? Learn about the ethics of research and understand plagiarism better.

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Respect Copyright

What is copyright, and how does it affect you? Learn how to understand copyright and properly use images, songs, videos, and more.

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Open Licensing for Students

Did you know that undergraduate students at UBC "retain copyright in all works created during their course of study"? Click here to find out more!

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Cite Sources

Learn how to use different citation styles to connect your work to the research of others.

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Cite Media

Need help citing images, videos, gifs and other media? The answers to all your questions are more are here.

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Cite Data

Learn how to cite data to connect your work to the research of others.

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by Minori on February 7, 2020

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The Golden Rules of Academic Integrity

by flint patterson on June 14, 2018

Academic integrity often seems like a rather nebulous concept to incoming university students. The term sounds strong, but it is also incredibly vague. The result is that many simply embrace the “I know it when I see it” approach to something which really ought to be approached with care. As scholars at a public research […]

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Citing Sources Is About More Than Just Following The Rules

by Nick Thorton on March 16, 2016

You've probably heard about academic integrity during your time at UBC. But what does it mean and how do you do it?

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