Tutoring, Coaching, and Writing

Adapting to the learning environment of university might seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be! Having peers guide you through tutoring and coaching services can help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to succeed!

General Tutoring and Coaching Services

AMS Tutoring

Your Alma Mater Society (AMS) provides a tutoring service that is open to first and second year students, and offers group and private tutoring services to help students become more confident to tackle academic challenges. Their services cover content from 100/200-level BIOL, CHEM, COMM, CPSC, ECON, PHYS courses and more. Group tutoring is free for all students, while private tutoring is for a fee. Students can drop in during open hours without an appointment to attend a group lesson, or can schedule one-on-one time with tutors beforehand. Scheduling and some tutoring happens over the Nimbus app, which students can learn more about from the AMS Tutoring website. 

UBC Centre for Accessibility

The Centre for Accessibility facilitates disability-related accommodations and programming initiatives that removes barriers for students with disabilities and ongoing medical conditions. Students must meet with an Accessibility advisor to register for the service and discuss the kinds of accessibility accommodations they might need (in terms of subsidized tuition and housing, academic support, exam accommodations, and funding and admissions related matters). To learn more about registering for this service and booking an appointment, visit the website. 


Arts Peer Academic Coaches

Connect with upper-year students that will work with you long term to meet your academic goals – AKA a coach.

Our coaches are friendly, inclusive, and knowledgeable upper-year students who:

  • Know what it’s like to learn and study in UBC Arts
  • Share a common goal of seeing other students succeed
  • Are trained in self-regulated learning techniques to support student self-reflection and growth
  • Can provide you with strategies and resources to improve your academic experience

Get to know your Peer Academic Coaches here!

Coaching topics

  • Study strategies
  • Time management techniques
  • Ways to approach academic tasks
  • Campus involvement opportunities

Aspire Mentorship Program

In this program, you will be paired with a coach who will mentor you throughout Term 1. Participants will meet with their coach three times throughout the fall and will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. Learn more about the program here, or contact the Program Advisor, Paul Lee (swpaul.lee@ubc.ca).

Make an Appointment with APAC

To make an appointment with an APAC, please visit: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_djtbqOIKF1KrZoW

Arts Peer Advisors

After you’ve been admitted to UBC Arts, you’ll receive support from the Arts Peer Advisors who will help with the academic transition to UBC by sharing information on degree requirements, course selection, and the registration process. 

If you have questions for Peer Advisors, use the Arts Advising contact form or the Faculty of Arts Facebook page.

For Athletes

Varsity Team Academic Coaches

As a UBC Thunderbird student athlete, you have increased demands on your time, and balancing academics with athletics is key to your success. UBC Student Athlete Services provides a variety of academic supports available to support and enhance your learning experience at UBC.

Student Athletes have access to comprehensive information regarding Academic Supports, Eligibility, Sport Medicine, Mental Health, and Nutrition through their Student Athlete Portal. Current student athletes are added at the beginning of every year in August or when they join a varsity team.

Current Students: Log into Canvas to see the Student Athlete Portal on your dashboard.


Commerce Undergraduate Society

The Commerce Undergraduate Society has a “First Year Survival Guide,” which features all of their CUS Affiliated clubs & services, student experiences & recommendations, resources and much more, to enrich your first year experience.

Sauder Academic Resources

The Sauder School of Business offers a variety of academic support services.

You can receive advice from dedicated professionals about your program, about your academics, and about your career.

For more academic achievement-based support services, Sauder offers:

  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), a collaborative learning environment lead by an upper-year student, to help you understand the course material as well as connect with other students.
  • Presentation Coaching, lead by peer coaches who are fourth year BCom students who work as COMM 395 Business Communications teaching assistants. Bookings are 30 minutes in length, easy to set up, and flexible for individuals or groups.
  • Research Support allows you to connect virtually with David Lam Librarians, via Zoom.
  • CLC Communication Coaches are available for one-on-one writing appointments to help with planning, idea development, tone, stylistic improvement, and error recognition

*Please note – The CLC mentioned here refers to the CanAccord Learning Commons, who you can contact here.


UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society

The Engineering Undergraduate Society holds workshops for MATH 100/101, MATH 152 and PHYS 157/158. Their review sessions feature practice problems and trained tutors to help out when students get stuck. Find out more about sessions in the upcoming year on their website!

Visit the Math Learning Centre website to learn more about their hours and contact information.


Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions are free, structured group study sessions designed to help students understand key concepts and practice the skills necessary for success in traditionally challenging courses. PASS sessions complement what you learn in lectures, but are not a replacement. They’re also a great way to meet other Forestry or Land and Food Systems students in your classes.

Current Forestry students can learn more about it here.


Academic Skills Workshops

KPAC hosts two academic skills workshops each term to help support you in developing effective study skills and approaches to your learning. Workshop and event information can be found on our KPAC Facebook Page and Instagram (@ubc_kpac). If you have any questions or inquiries, contact kpac.coaching@gmail.com

You can also learn more about mentorship opportunities, here.

Land and Food Systems

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions are free, structured group study sessions designed to help students understand key concepts and practice the skills necessary for success in traditionally challenging courses. PASS sessions complement what you learn in lectures, but are not a replacement. They’re also a great way to meet other Forestry or Land and Food Systems students in your classes.

Current LFS students can learn more about it here.

Land and Food Systems Mentorship Program

The LFS Mentorship Program supports undergraduate students in their career development by connecting them with alumni and professionals. The program provides opportunities to develop professional skills, including networking, informational interviews and using LinkedIn.

Land and Food Systems ACE Team

The LFS Academic and Career Engagement Team (ACE Team) are peers who host workshops and events to guide students to academic success and career development.


Please check their website for updates about hours and sessions.

Hours & Location

Hours: Please contact the Math Learning Centre for more information.

Location: 3rd floor of the Leonard S. Klinck Building (LSK) in Rooms 301 and 302.

640px-KlinckBuildingUBC.JPG Lenoard S. Klinck Building

About This Service

The Math Learning Centre (or MLC for short) is a space for undergraduate students to study math together, with support from tutors, who are graduate students in the math department.

Further Resources


Mathtutor is an online resource that provides video tutorials, summary texts, and exercises on a wide variety of topics to help students transition to university level math courses.


UBC Computer Science Student Association

The Computer Science Student Association connects students to a number of tutors interested in providing extra help to fellow students taking Computer Science courses. Students can reach out to any of the listed tutors via the email provided to understand more about scheduling sessions! Check out their website for current offerings.

Integrated Sciences Peer Mentoring Program

The Integrated Sciences Peer Mentoring Program provides help with the Integrated Sciences application, the essay associated with it and the Integrated Science program itself. This is a peer-led initiative and program which you can find out more about on the website.

Computer Science Tri-Mentoring Program

The Computer Science Tri-Mentoring Program was launched in 2002 as a pilot program to match junior undergraduate/graduate students with senior undergraduate/graduate students, who are then matched with industry or faculty mentors. Junior students can get advice on course planning, academic skills, student life, and extracurricular opportunities. Both junior and senior participants can in turn expand their network and explore career options by participating with mentors on activities like job shadowing, company visits, careers fairs and more. Look on the website to find out more about how you can get started!

Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) Membership

The Science Undergraduate Society Mentorship Program pairs undergraduate students (second year and up) with graduate student mentors in diverse scientific fields of study. Upper year Science Students can also sign up to be mentors to first year students. Students at all levels get assistance with CV formatting, finding extracurricular involvements on campus, communication skills, and expanding their professional network. Mentors and mentees are matched based on academic and personal interests and are required to connect with each other at least once a month. Find out more about signing up on their website!

Science Peer Academic Coaches (SPAC)

Students can fill out a form to be assigned a Science Peer Academic Coach for drop-in sessions or choose to drop into 15-minute sessions focused on specific academic skills. Video chat sessions with coaches can be based on goal setting, study habits, approaches to learning online and plans of action for studying throughout the term. 

Further Resources

Biology Online

Biology Online is an online database of Biology terms that provides detailed explanations of key words as well as tutorials on fundamental and advanced Biology topics.

General Chemistry Online

General Chemistry Online is a comprehensive digital resource that features a searchable database of Chemistry terms, companion notes, an interactive toolbox, and more useful tools for students.

Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is an online collection of video tutorials and interactive simulations to help students build their Physics knowledge.


The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) provides support with academic writing and is available for students in all levels of undergraduate and graduate studies, regardless of faculty or department. Students can book consultations with a writing consultant or request written feedback from them. Apart from immediate help, the CWSC also hosts a variety of workshops about writing skills and citations, which are free to attend. The CWSC also hosts writing communities to bring more people together, which can be a great opportunity to meet like-minded writers and make new friends. For more information and to register for any of their services, visit their website.

WriteAway & AskAway

WriteAway is an online chat reference service that UBC participates in alongside 16 other post-secondary institutions in BC and Yukon. Its main goal is to provide writing help to students and connect them with qualified tutors from each of the participating institutions. Students can receive feedback on draft written assignments and general advice on writing in university.

AskAway is an online chat reference service that UBC offers with 20 other post-secondary institutions in BC and the Yukon. This service aims to help students understand how the Library can help them with their research questions and other general needs. 

Further Resources

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Purdue OWL is an online resource from Purdue University that provides guides for all things to do with academic writing including research, citations, and subject-specific writing.

University of Victoria English Language Centre Study Zone

The Grammar Index from University of Victoria’s Language Center has grammar exercises and lessons for people of all English proficiency levels. Learn about sentence structure, verbs, prepositions, and much more.

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