Borrow Equipment

Note: advanced equipment bookings ended on 6:00pm PST on Friday, April 26th.

Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Adapters & Projectors

Devices to assist with presentation creation including projectors and cables to connect different electronics. See available options here


Devices to help create videos and still images. Our items for loan include GoPros, DSLRs, tripods and more. See available options here


Devices to help charge computers. Chargers for Apple and PC products. See available options here

Electronic Accessories

Various devices including phone stabilizers, wireless presenters, tablets, and more. See available options here


Various headsets available. See available options here


Dell 5420s available for single or multiple days. See available options here

Microphones & Recording Devices

USB microphones, small digital device recorders, clip-on lapel mics and more. See available options here

Office Supplies

Office items available including whiteboard markers, scissors, calculators, and rulers. See available options here


More information

For more information on loan times, fine policies, and other special requests click the buttons below.

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