We’re Hiring for Summer 2020

It’s highly likely that at some point in your time at UBC, you’ve visited the Chapman Learning Commons in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Maybe you’ve printed papers, met up with peers to work on a project, or popped by the desk to borrow a charger. But have you ever wondered just what keeps the busy Learning Commons running? Students like you!

Our Chapman Learning Commons Assistants are students from all different backgrounds and disciplines who are passionate about helping students learn better. Our team staffs the Information desk: loaning out a wide variety of equipment, explaining how to print on our new printers, and providing referrals to many other services in the Learning Commons and beyond. Furthermore, our CLC Media Project Assistants work to develop and deliver online learning resources, and maintain our website and social media accounts. Altogether, our team takes on numerous creative projects, which include creating infographics about our equipment, hosting workshops, creating online toolkits to help students thrive academically, and producing informative videos for our website- among many other things.

Apply as soon as possible once the position opens on March 9, 2020! To apply, search in CareersOnline for Chapman Learning Commons Project Assistant or Chapman Learning Commons Media Project Assistant.

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