Welcome to UBC 2017

Welcome all UBCers back on campus this September! There’s some excitement in the air (or maybe that’s just the smoke). In any case we at the Chapman Learning Commons have want to welcome everyone through the fog to our space for any assistance you might need!

Located on the 3rd floor of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre our desk is right in front of the big green i. Check out the map below for more direction.

This amazing space is also UBC landmark— favourite among students and community members for its workhorse printers, PC and Mac computers, comfy chairs, and what students affectionately call the ‘Harry Potter Room’ – the Heritage Core and the old Main Library built in 1925.

However, even more essential to the space’s popularity are the Chapman Learning Commons Assistants, the students who are there to help other students. You can find them at the multi-service desk on the 3rd floor just outside the CLC with the large green ‘i’ as backdrop. CLCAs play host to any guest of the space, and referral frontline to any and all academic support, learning technology, and campus inquiries. They have answer to most questions regarding those topics, and if not, they will do our best to find it for you.
a person providing a tech help

The Chapman Learning Commons offers a wealth of free resources:

Science Peer Academic Coaching

Equipment Lending
Multimedia Mac Stations
and a one-stop shop for preparing papers:
printers, scanners, copiers, staplers, hole punchers, paper cutters

Check it out and check out the other academic resources on this website- made to help you navigate UBC!

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