Approach To Learning:Self Assessment


What’s your approach? Take this quiz and find out…

This quiz may help you gain a little more insight into your typical approach to learning and which strategies may work well for you in maximizing your strengths. This is not a researched and tested instrument; it is meant to provide you with an avenue for self exploration in preparation for learning. In contrast to claims about learning styles, which are largely unsubstantiated (see the Myth of Learning Styles by Cedar Riener and Daniel Willingham ), your approach to learning is changeable and takes into account your interests, motivations and tendencies which may influence learning.

Approach to Learning: Self Assessment


* Top 5 Learning Challenges
* Plan & Evaluate
* Read, Review & Organize
* The Reflection Process
* The Learning Process

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4 responses to “Approach To Learning:Self Assessment”

  1. Mark

    a critical and creative way to check myself

  2. Mengmeng (Alisa) Feng

    It is helpful for self assessment in order to learn things effectively.

  3. jordi


  4. Hugo V

    Very useful

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