Skills for Class

Struggling with your course load and course material? Here are some resources that can help you boost up your academic skills.

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a person taking note in front of computer

Assignment Calculators

This easy-to-use assignment calculator will help you plan out your attack on that next paper or project.

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Interacting with Profs

Why should you go to office hours? Why does your professor want you to be there? Find answers to those questions and more in this toolkit!

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Managing Your Time

Wasting a lot of time online? Pulling too many all-nighters? Getting better at managing your time is easier than you think!

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Preparing for Exams

Tests and exams, you can’t escape ‘em. So learn how to prepare well in advance and gain confidence in test-writing.

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Presentation Design

Designing a presentation may sound easier than it seems! With the help of our toolkit, you'll be able to design the most effective presentation for academic and professional needs.

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Presentation Skills

Nothing causes anxiety in students quite like presenting. With our helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be chomping at the bit to present!

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Taking Notes

Notes are another inescapable part of getting a university education. We might not be able to make them fun, but we can offer tips on how to make them useful.

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Student taking notes on their laptop.

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by Rahul on July 17, 2020

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Student Research

by Minori on February 7, 2020

I’ve put together some common issues and solutions for research that you might run into. I hope this can help guide you to the tools and resources that are available to you!  

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Learn to write, write to learn

by Liam Monaghan on September 12, 2019

Here’s an insider secret: There’s no such thing as the “ideal writer” who can do every type of writing perfectly. If writing is intimidating to you, this is good news.

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How to Excel at Teamwork

by Phuong on February 7, 2019

4 tips and tricks that will help you to work confidently and contribute ideas effectively while working in a team setting!

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Apps That Will Help You Study More Efficiently

by selina boan on November 14, 2018

What are the best apps to help you ace your next exam? Learn more about our favourite apps that can help you study!

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