Skills for Class

Struggling with your course load and course material? Here are some resources that can help you boost up your academic skills.

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Assignment Calculators

This easy-to-use assignment calculator will help you plan out your attack on that next paper or project.

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Interacting with Profs

Why should you go to office hours? Why does your professor want you to be there? Find answers to those questions and more in this toolkit!

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Managing Your Time

Wasting a lot of time online? Pulling too many all-nighters? Getting better at managing your time is easier than you think!

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Preparing for Exams

Tests and exams, you can’t escape ‘em. So learn how to prepare well in advance and gain confidence in test-writing.

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Presentation Skills

Nothing causes anxiety in students quite like presenting. With our helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be chomping at the bit to present!

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Taking Notes

Notes are another inescapable part of getting a university education. We might not be able to make them fun, but we can offer tips on how to make them useful.

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a student reading a book outside the library

Studying for Exams

by Natahan Ho on December 15, 2015

CLCA Nathan shares steps to study effectively in a short time frame

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students studying in a group

Students Talk: Group Work & Group Mates

by JWang on March 26, 2015

This week, we set out to ask UBC students: "What is your ideal group work partner?" The answers may help you find out how to best contribute to your next group project

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Instructors Speak: Challenge to Engage

by Rie Namba on February 17, 2015

How do students engage in classrooms where they are increasingly required to "do" more? We ask some instructors to find out!

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3 people jumping

The Big Jump: High School to UBC

by Cory McRae on August 25, 2014

The move from high school to university is tough, but it doesn't have to be with the right tools and knowledge.

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Massive Open Online Courses and How You Can Learn Productively

by Gillian Corbo on May 8, 2014

MOOCs are a bit of a buzz-word on campus. Learn how to take one and make it work for you!

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