Helping People Learn With A Committee That Matters

It’s easy to feel that a huge institution like UBC, you are just another face in a very, very large crowd and you kind of are. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your mark, gain valuable experience and tell the higher-ups what you think. A chance to join and meet regularly with the Library Student Advisory Committee has just opened up and they need dedicated and passionate students just like you. The committee is made up of professional library staff and students whose aim it is to vet new ideas and foster creative brainstorming for the direction of the library.

Now, this didn’t mean that the committee gets to scrap the Dewey decimal system or turn all the books upside down- they were able to do something a lot better. In the past, the committee was able to give their input on the new multiservice desk location in Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and last year put some of the gears in motion for the installation of the new Multimedia Commons on the third floor inside the library stacks. They had the first glimpse of the plans and got to essentially dream up their wish list. Most importantly however, the students were asked to share their opinions on potential problems that student would face and brainstorm solutions for them.

Far from acting as a token “student voice” in a committee, the Library Student Advisory Committee got asked to give their honest input and ideas on a variety of library projects. This goes to show that no matter how alienated we might feel from our own educations at certain times, there are people working to make sure students are still the focus of work being done! Check out this great opportunity to sit on the committee at the CareersOnline posting (Psoting ID: 811503)[/column]

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