Faculty and Staff

Knowledge Translation: Designing Authentic Writing Assignments
(July 3, 10, & 17, 2019 - 10am-12pm, Lillooet Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre)

In this 3-part workshop, participants interact with educators from a range of disciplines to design authentic writing assignments that reflect three interconnected concepts from writing-in-the-disciplines: writing situation, genre, and disciplinarity.

The workshop emphasizes the socially situated nature of academic literacy, and views academic writing as a complex social activity that is content- and context-contingent. This approach locates writing squarely in the social world—in disciplinary communities with their own discourse practices—and views students as apprentices in the disciplines.

The primary aim of this approach is to facilitate knowledge translation, knowledge uptake, and academic literacy through authentic assignment design. The workshop facilitators model writing assignments in several academic genres, while accounting for disciplinarity, and participants receive feedback from peers on their assignment design.

Workshop Facilitators:

Jonathan Otto holds a doctorate in geography with a focus on development and environmental justice. As a Lecturer in Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASRW), he draws on the concepts of writing situation, genre, and disciplinarity to challenge his students to embrace research and writing as social and political practices.

Patty A. Kelly holds a doctorate in rhetoric, writing, and discourse studies. As Program Manager for the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication, she uses evidence-based pedagogies to design and deliver writing services and programs that enhance scholarly communication across the disciplines.