Take Control of Your Learning, Enroll in a Student Directed Seminar

Don’t know what a Student Directed Seminar is? We’ve got the details on what an SDS is like and why you should enroll in one to take control of your learning this academic year!

Getting the Most Out of University Now to Prepare for Later

I can’t speak for everyone but the idea of life after university scares me a little. It seems over the last couple of years we have been hit by a barrage of buzzwords illustrating the uncertainty of this stage in our lives. I like to think of this higher form of academia as one of the few […]

Resource Guide: Online Learners

Taking an online course this summer term? Our resource guide can help set you up for success in your web-based learning endeavours so you can enjoy the summer sun with less of the stress.

Peer Academic Coaching

Starting to get stressed about your end-of-term workload? Chat with a Peer Academic Coach to figure out the best way to tackle your studying!