IKBLC Assistants


Hi everyone! My name is Annika and I am a 4th year majoring in Political Science. I enjoy photography, reading, cooking and spending time with friends out in nature. My favourite thing to do on campus is going to the Rose Garden and watching the sunset 🙂 I look forward to meeting you all!


Hello everyone! I am Keli, an aspiring children’s librarian who is currently enrolled in the Masters of Library and Information Studies program at the UBC School of Information. With my generally positive spirit and can-do attitude, I aim to facilitate student access and use of our shared spaces as we navigate this pandemic.


Hello! My name is Nazia. I am a 3rd-year student majoring in Global Resource Systems. I am passionate about learning public health policy analysis from an economic perspective. An ideal day for me would start with going for a run in the early morning and meditating at a beach before engaging with my daily activities. In my spare time, I like to watch documentaries and sitcoms on Netflix. I am super excited to meet you all and nurture a new wholesome experience!


My name is Sam Oladoyinbo. I am a third-year Chemical Engineering student and also minoring in Commerce. I am a big football (soccer) fan, so I love playing whenever I get a chance to. Also, I enjoy biking around the city or on campus. In my free time, I like playing video games with friends or learning (or trying to) learn how to play the guitar when I feel more motivated. I look forward to connecting with everyone soon!


Hi, my name is Stanley Omotor. I am a graduate student at the Peter A. Allard School of Law. When I am not reading or editing some work, I enjoy watching soccer. I also enjoy listening to good music and “vibing” to rhymes.


Hi folks! My name is Zohrah. I’m currently in my third year studying International Relations and Commerce. I love the Great British Baking Show, podcasts, travelling and similar light-hearted goodness. I’m a big believer in mental health awareness, accessible communities, and I’m always down to chat about passion projects!