Chapman Learning Commons Assistants


Hi there! My name is Celia and I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in Anthropology! My hobbies include eating tremendous amounts of food, exploring different types of media, and settling down with a good book.


Hi, I’m Kartik! I recently finished my undergraduate studies at UBC in Mining Engineering. In my spare time, I play basketball and I have started to learn to code JavaScript and React.js! I also love sketching, writing, reading, and am a huge music fanatic; I’m almost always listening to music, of all kinds and genres.


Hi! I am Rahul, a recent graduate from the Vancouver School of Economics. I love to watch tons of movies and TV shows and can talk to you about soccer for days. I also enjoy cooking and doing a lot of outdoor activities. I look forward to meeting you!


My name’s Minori (rhymes with story) and I’m entering my second year in the Master of Children’s Literature program! I am forever an avid student of storytelling, intersectional feminism, and proper ways to talk about mental health, disabilities, and LGBTQ+ topics. I love arts and crafts, and currently I’m very into cross-stitching!


UBC fam everywhere, good morning, afternoon, and evening. I’m Harvey, a commerce undergrad studying accounting and business technology management. My greatest passion lies in music and tech: exploring genres from Mozart to MJ, and following tech releases across the globe. Learning online is a challenge as well as an asset to have in your pocket during and after this special time. I look forward to seizing this opportunity with you all and to helping you the best I can through the journey.