Chapman Learning Commons Assistants


Hi, I’m Helena 🙂 I’m a second-year student in the Faculty of Arts and I’m excited to explore my fields of interest through my studies at UBC – particularly in Sociology and International Relations! In my free time, I love to catch the sunset on campus and have fruitful conversations with people about faith, education, and society. Most of all, I love trying out something new with my friends especially when it involves food or cultural activities. Feel free to drop by the front desk to check out the great resources we have in store for you or even just to simply say hi!


Hi there! My name is Celia and I am third year undergraduate student majoring in Asian Studies! My hobbies include eating tremendous amounts of food, consuming different types of international media, and settling down with a good book. If you see me at the desk, feel free to say hi (I can and will literally talk to you about anything).


Hi! My name is Lia, I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Kinesiology and a Master of Management Dual Degree. Upon graduation, I hope to further my knowledge in design thinking, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business development. When I’m not at the desk I’m a dedicated artist and a fitness enthusiast. Come by and say hello!


Hello everyone, my name is Fey. I’m a fourth-year Film Production major’s student. During school time, I like to watch Netflix to discover new ideas and facts for my study. In the weekends, I enjoyed hiking and outdoor exercises. With a strong interest in humanity, culture, and history, I wish to dedicate media knowledge in influencing others. If you come by Chapman Learning Center, don’t hesitate to come say hi or discuss your favourite movie with me!


Hello, I’m Tiffany and I’m from Vietnam! I am a second-year student studying Commerce. I studied high school in the US, and now I am in Canada for my undergraduate degree. Before that, I stayed in Vietnam with my parents and my younger brother. In my free time, I play guitar and sing. I also love to cook, especially Vietnamese food. I love Sichuan hot pot (and Chinese food in general). However, I find it challenging to master these Chinese dishes. Come find me at the desk to exchange some cooking recipes!


Hi! I am Rahul, a fourth year student currently pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics Degree. When I get a break from classes and work, I like to go the gym, watch tons of TV shows and movies, and play soccer. I am a massive soccer fan! Come by and say hi! I look forward to meeting you.


Hi I’m Kartik! Currently, I’m in my last year at UBC, studying Mining Engineering. In my spare time, sometimes I drop in at the UBC REC to play some basketball. I also love sketching, writing, reading and am a huge music fanatic; I’m almost always listening to music, of all kinds and genres. If you catch me at Chapman Learning Commons desk come say hi and let’s exchange some music!


Welcome to Chapman, my name is Ivy and I am from Vietnam. I’m currently studying Commerce, planning to specialize in either Marketing or Logistics. I enjoy making new friends, doing volunteers and trying new foods. I like spending time doing homework with friends in libraries or coffee shops. I’m looking forward to helping everyone. Please feel free to come say hi!


My name’s Minori (rhymes with story) and I’m entering the Master of Children’s Literature program this fall! I am forever an avid student of storytelling, intersectional feminism, and proper ways to talk about mental health, disabilities, and LGBTQ+ topics. I love arts and crafts, and currently I’m very into painting miniatures! Come say hi, I’d love to get to know you!


Hi, I’m Matheus! I’m a fifth-year Economics and International Relations student from Brazil. In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading books and hanging out with my friends. Stop by the Chapman Commons Desk to say hi and learn more about the useful resources we have to offer!


Hi, my name is Miski. I am currently in the faculty of science hopefully going to major in mathematical science. I love doing exciting outdoor activities like ziplining, hiking and riding those scary roller coasters and I also love having a lazy day with pizza and Netflix. I am looking forward to meet you all and feel free to come say hi!


Hi, I’m Harvey. I’m in my last year of school completing a BCom degree doubling Accounting and BTM. My favorite hobby is developing more hobbies. For long I’ve been a big fan of basketball, classical music, technology, traveling and food for sure. Recently I’m into gym, LPs and tea culture. Random I know. So feel most welcome to pick up a chat, I look forward to having a fun time with you all here at CLC.


Hi! I am Max. I am currently working through my PhD program in electrical engineering at UBC. I have a deep passion for electromagnetic radiation, which has led me to roles in industries, including engineering and business development. I love outdoor activities so when I am not working, you can find me on a mountain or traveling. I do enjoy knowing about people and their cultures. I excited to meet you all so feel free to come by to say hello!


Hey! My name is Dyne, an nth year Psychology student completing my final year at UBC (I’ve been here for too long). If I’m not working or studying, you’ll  find me at the gym, in the wilderness or sleeping. In my spare time, I like to have staring contests with my dog or sip tea with my parents. I like to say that I have an artistic eye for filmography/photography and wish to extend my knowledge through the Chapman Commons resources. Come say hi, chat about anything!


Hi there! My name is Maitreyi and I am from Aurangabad, India. I am a third-year student majoring in international economics and minoring in law and society. I enjoy reading historical fiction and Khaled Hosseini is my favorite author. I speak four languages and also love solo traveling. I look forward to meeting you all ☺️


Hello! Bonjour! Vanakkam! Namaste! My name’s Sanjana and I am a second year Behavioral Neuroscience student! You can often catch me on campus wearing mismatched socks or re-watching sitcoms. My other interests include reading, tennis and music. Catch me at the desk!


My name is Sammy and I’m in my 4th year studying Human Geography. I like to write poetry, cook, and I do a bit of journalism too!