Finish the semester strong!

As students, we have been through our different journey’s this term and we have reached the point of the term when our academic schedules are coming to an end. There can be a lot of thoughts racing through our minds concerning things that we need to complete. Below, are a few suggestions and tips offered at UBC to help us finish strong at the end of this journey including:
• Extended 24/7 hours in Irving K Barber Learning Centre during the exam period
• Extended drop-in hours at Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication
• UBC offers commuter students affordable overnight accommodation during Winter Session to support academic success and involvement in campus co-curricular activities. The Commuter Student Hostel is located in Walter Gage and available Sunday to Thursday from mid-September to the end of April (except during the holiday break) and all week during exam periods.

Try out this exam stretch break

We wish you all a successful finish and a Happy New Year!

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