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What is Coaching?

Coaches are different from a tutor because rather than help you with specific course material, a coach helps you develop your “soft” skills; things like studying, note-taking techniques and exam preparation. The coach also works to find the resources and people on campus to help you further. For example, if you’re having trouble with writing, a coach may help you identify where your problem areas are and might connect you with the Writing Centre. The coaches also highlight the student toolkits, which are collections of tried and tested student tips.

Coaches Corner Pavilion Hours

Coaching is closed as of April 8th, 2014 and will resume in October, 2014).

Coaching is free, and offered on a drop-in basis. Coaching sessions take place in the Chapman Learning Commons - Irving K Barber Learning Center, Level 3.

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Why Peer Academic Coaching?

Studies and surveys have shown that students benefit greatly from being able to sit down with a fellow student to discuss how they approach university. Considerably less pressure than going to address academic concerns and “soft skills” with professors, Peer Academic Coaching connects students with trained peers who help brainstorm an action plan. The coach connects students to resources on campus and others who may assist the student. Some examples of resources referred to are: Writing Centre help, math tutoring, and subject librarians.

Studies on Peer Coaching

New York Times Article on the merits of peer coaching
Stanford University study on peer coaching

Who are the Coaches?

2 responses to “Peer Academic Coaching”

  1. Maggie

    Hi, I’m still a high school student but I’m currently enrolled in advance placement sciences at my school and I was wondering if even someone like me could attend this peer academic coaching program once around may to get some help and guidance right before the AP exams. (Basically first year material)

  2. Nick Thornton

    Hi Maggie,

    Peer Academic Coaching is only available to registered UBC students. Peer Academic Coaches assist with subjects like time management and critical thinking skills, where for subject specific help, a tutor would likely be the assistance you are looking for.

    All the best

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