Time Management 101

You wake up at 7am; hit the snooze button on the alarm and doze for another 15 minutes. Rolling out of bed seems like the hardest task to complete. Your head hurts while you head for the bathroom. The mirror shows the reflection of your puffy, red eyes with dark circles and tired skin. Sounds familiar?

test tube guyWhen finals season kicks in, students often feel frustrated and overwhelmed with studying and the amount of work they have to complete before the deadline. This is caused by procrastination, a deadly disease that eats away student’s productivity.

Well, what’s the magic potion to cure your illness?
Take Time Management 101, the ultimate solution to start a better time management system immediately.

1. Use a calendar or an agenda to organize your tasks (Do this every day).
When you wake up every morning, take some time to look over your schedule for the day while eating breakfast or drinking your coffee. Not only will this map out your day in your head, but it will also force you to organize your day effectively and accomplish what’s on your list.

2. Plan ahead (So you won’t get infected by ‘procrastination’ in the future).
Do you have a research paper due on the last week of semester? If your answer is yes, then figure out how much time you need to write it. Planning ahead allows you to manage your workload effectively and you will be able to get more tasks done in less time! How great is that? Try using our amazing time management tool to calculate your assignments! http://assignmentcalculator.library.ubc.ca/index.php

3. Don’t over-commit yourself!
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have too much work and not enough time to complete it? You want to be everywhere and help people with everything. Well, you have officially over-committed yourself! The good news is that it can change. Learn to prioritize and focus on the most important task. Stop worrying about everything you must get done because that’s wasting time and unproductive! Ask yourself; do you realistically have time to fulfill this commitment properly and on time? If you don’t, say no in a succinct but polite way.

4. Schedule some time to relax and take a break!
We all need it. Do something that can lift your spirits and refresh your mind! Keep your break short if you’re memorizing materials or studying notes. Take longer breaks if you’re doing problem sets or writing papers. Go for a walk or indulge in a light snack or drink. There’s no gold medal for working 12 hours straight without taking a break!

5. Watch out for Time Robbers.
Whether it is talking to a friend, playing online games or watching YouTube videos to avoid dealing with the work on your desk, it is important to address time robbers in your day! Yes, as cliché as it sounds, TIME is MONEY.

*Please Note: Consult a peer academic coach if your procrastination persists. They are available through the week and most importantly, they offer FREE coaching sessions! Click here for more wonderful details of their services and hours. http://learningcommons.ubc.ca/tutoring-studying/peer-academic-coaching/

Good Luck!