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7 responses to “Thinking Critically”

  1. Christopher Reeves

    I am a Media Specialist for a middle school and am requesting permission to reprint your critical thinking visualization.

    It would only be for in-house use, not for profit and I will keep your logo and address on the reprints.

  2. Nick Thornton

    Hi Christopher, thank you for letting us know- all of our content is licensed under creative commons so please feel free to reprint it as you see fit. We appreciate any feedback!

  3. Lorrie Cook

    I would like to share this poster with teachers throughout our district. Thank you for sharing and making it available through creative commons.

  4. Nick Thornton

    Thanks for letting us know, Lorrie!

  5. Cindy Gruwell

    Hello….I am int he process of developing a credit bearing undergrad course that focuses on critical thinking and information literacy…thak you for sharing your excellent resources, they will come on handy!

  6. Elizabeth Shiraki

    I am a member of a teacher leadership cadre at Farrington High School in Honolulu. We would like to create posters using this graphic for every classroom on campus. May we have your permission to do so?

  7. Nick Thornton

    Absolutely, our Learning Commons media is all under a creative commons license.

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