Making Use of Your Summer Down-Time

For many students, the summer means working, visiting with friends and taking advantage of the nice weather, but it is also notorious for being synonymous with boredom. The students here at the Chapman Learning Commons want to change that. Sure, you want to unwind after a stressful year and that’s okay, but instead of wasting your day on Facebook or mindlessly watching a movie, why not add to your repertoire of skills and learn something new?

This could mean picking up a new sport, finally learning to play that instrument you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe it means traveling to a different country to experience a rich culture in which you can get swept up in. Whatever your case may be, we want this summer to be productive for you, so we’ve scoured the internet and wracked out brains to help you come back to school in September a more interesting person.

Try these out:

  • Lifehacker has some suggestions of things to fill your weekends with
  • Learn a language – or at least a few important words
  • Attend one of the many cultural or music festivals happening in the city
  • Volunteer to be a research subject – lots of the research that takes place on campus happens during the summer!
  • Go on a walking tour of your own city and become a history buff about your town
  • Learn how to chop like a chef – watch some youtube videos on knife skills, or better yet, teach yourself how to actually cook!