Resource Guide: Online Learners

Taking an online course this summer term? Our resource guide can help set you up for success in your web-based learning endeavours so you can enjoy the summer sun with less of the stress.

Peer Academic Coaching

Starting to get stressed about your end-of-term workload? Chat with a Peer Academic Coach to figure out the best way to tackle your studying!

How to Use your Brain when Studying

CLCA Meike shares some study tips drawn from the research in her Memory Psychology class!

Top Three Reasons to Attend MURC

The Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference is happening Saturday, March 22, 2014. There are plenty of reasons to come out, but here are our top three!

Assignment Calculator

Need a hand scheduling assignments into your calendar? Wish someone would just tell you when to have your first draft ready? Check out our handy dandy Assignment Calculator to get you on track for your big papers and projects!